Two Years Experience as a Waitress

During my two years as a server, I have a great deal of involvement that should be examined.

Being an employee who is involved in the customer service sector does not only have to be thick ears, however we are needed to continue grinning regardless of how troublesome the circumstance is.

Regarding orders that took too long to come. Technically, not everything went according to the desired plan. We know that waiting is very annoying, but sometimes things like this can’t be avoided.

I need to clarify how the present circumstance that we can’t evade, in light of the fact that I don’t think everybody knows, or perhaps some would prefer not to know, however quit worrying about I actually need to tell.

Stacked order notes, a very messy kitchen, and the number of employees who are not proportional to the number of guests. That is the real situation.

I think many people say that we are not prepared enough, but actually we really like people who make reservations in advance for at least 20 people and above. We really respect these people.

Of course we know, what was done suddenly, in the end never made it in time. Reserving an impromptu place is not easy for us waiters or the kitchen. Especially if the number of people is more than what we imagine. Really that preparation takes a lot of time.

Whether it’s boiling water, cooking the ordered food, and many other preparations.

The most stressful thing for us is when we deliver the order after a long period of time. We are very anxious to see what happens next after the order on our tray has landed on the table. Instead of leaving right away, we usually would bow no more than 45 degrees and say “sorry for waiting so long.”

And from there we may be insulted, yelled at, and criticized.

“Why did the order take so long to arrive?”

“I need to return home soon, Ms.”

“I’m sorry I came here.”

Our grins should stay enormous, yet chilly perspiration proceeds.

We regard them and regard our own work, so we should stay reliable and quiet. All things considered, there is a point in us being reprimanded that way, ideally we can be shockingly better later on, additionally more stronger in accepting criticism.

Also, I need to thank the guests who continued taking a gander at us without peering down on us. Get us, and state thank you despite the fact that occasionally our endeavors to convey arranges rapidly can’t be refined.

Indeed, in our state of despair,

the guests’ “thank you” was a real medicine for us.

early winter

It’s not that I don’t want to talk to you. It’s an issue of scarcity. I have run into a shortage of words. When the phone rings now, there’s nothing but a chirping repetition in my mind. A mimicry of the noise I should be making when I am, instead, entirely composed of silence. My […]

early winter

Daze however Honest Companion I Have

As a matter of fact, while I was taught, I was just pestered by the various characteristics and contemplations my friends had. In any case, when I entered school, I discovered somebody who more problematic than the friends I had at school first.

She was a friend who has a disadvantage compared to the friends in my class. Or even my friends at school.

Since you know why? I don’t know how subtle the way to say it, however this friend is visually impaired. Do not have the ability to see the world like us. Just observe “dark” despite the fact that her eyes are the most brilliant tone.

Since I originally observed it, my heart indicated feel sorry for. She occasionally stumbles, misdirected, and lost. She really looks like she needs someone else to help her. But I feel I don’t meet these criteria, in terms of teaching or guiding, I seem stiff and impatient. Sometimes if I’m not in a good mood, I’m a little annoyed.

Since once in a while with her, I can’t coordinate my companionship with others. Once in a while I need to focus on it. In some cases additionally, I accuse the circumstance.

Early semester break begins, only some of my friends who are originally from Jogja stayed. Yet, there are likewise my companions who come from outside Jogja who didn’t have the occasion to back home from their hometown. One of them is my visually impaired friend.

I’m worried about her eat. Finally I tried to ask how she was via the WhatsApp message. There she complained, tired of being trapped in her small boarding room.

I imagine. I’m also often bored during this holiday. But I can still watch movies on iflix, or open my favorite YouTube channel. While she? She could not do more.

Suddenly I blamed myself, how foolish I was to be too late to realize her situation.

Then the next day I took her away, asking what food she needed to eat as a counteractant to her tongue since she ate time and again tempe.

Finally she said that she wanted to eat fried chicken, then I took her to enjoy our dessert, ice doger. The shop was under a large tree, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the loud sound of a modified motorbike.

In a moment of silence, I tried to ask her. A question I don’t know why I always want to ask, but I’m so scared my question can come up.

This time. I will be careful.

With a strong desire, I asked …

“If you are given Allah a miracle to see, what do you want to see?”

She smiled, I was a little surprised that she was not angry at my question. Even though I thought my question could shrink the nerve.

With a smile that could not be separated from her cheeks she replied, “If given a chance, I want to see the appearance of humans, especially my parents.”

Instantly my heart froze.

Even though I could easily see my parents, without any worries.

She again said, “But, since I went to college here, I don’t feel that I’m blind. Because of the equal treatment of friends like you all.”

Again. My heart froze, my eyes filled with tears.

She was blameless and considered me well. In spite of the fact that regularly I feel wasted time with her. Despite the fact that she is a valuable companion that I should consistently deal with.

What a Good Friend Should be Like

Among the many friends, he/she prioritizes you. Take the time, put down the cell phone, then crossed to listen to your story without interrupting with another story.

Always remember what you need and what you want. He/she kept your promise, despite the difficult circumstances and many obstacles. Not wait a long time, he/she is chat you first, first when you write your sad status on social media.

There is not much to say and the frill invitation has a false lead he/she just wants to prove. There’s always a time when you sad, and feel lost if don’t meet you.

Do you have friends like this? Keep it up! Maybe he/she is your true friends.