Old Face Before Age

Definition of a face that is older than its age: Have a greater responsibility than what is afforded. It feels because you already look quite mature, even though the age and resilience in you is not strong enough to be delegated to so many dependents.

From my personal experience, because I seem so mature, people easily ask my shoulder to lean on. Even though occasionally I want them to know that even as a human being, I also want to rely on other human beings, I also want to take refuge behind people from existing problems

I am self-aware, I am not a child who whines for help when it is time I need help. I have to face it alone. Sometimes, I just need to pray to God, because the environment doesn’t seem to want to know.

As a result of God, I thought the problems was not a major problem for me. Since we have become grown-ups, we do have to confront this.

However, once in a while I sense that I’m not prepared. The world is so malevolent, what individuals state is frightful once in a while.

What a Good Friend Should be Like

Among the many friends, he/she prioritizes you. Take the time, put down the cell phone, then crossed to listen to your story without interrupting with another story.

Always remember what you need and what you want. He/she kept your promise, despite the difficult circumstances and many obstacles. Not wait a long time, he/she is chat you first, first when you write your sad status on social media.

There is not much to say and the frill invitation has a false lead he/she just wants to prove. There’s always a time when you sad, and feel lost if don’t meet you.

Do you have friends like this? Keep it up! Maybe he/she is your true friends.