Two Years Experience as a Waitress

During my two years as a server, I have a great deal of involvement that should be examined.

Being an employee who is involved in the customer service sector does not only have to be thick ears, however we are needed to continue grinning regardless of how troublesome the circumstance is.

Regarding orders that took too long to come. Technically, not everything went according to the desired plan. We know that waiting is very annoying, but sometimes things like this can’t be avoided.

I need to clarify how the present circumstance that we can’t evade, in light of the fact that I don’t think everybody knows, or perhaps some would prefer not to know, however quit worrying about I actually need to tell.

Stacked order notes, a very messy kitchen, and the number of employees who are not proportional to the number of guests. That is the real situation.

I think many people say that we are not prepared enough, but actually we really like people who make reservations in advance for at least 20 people and above. We really respect these people.

Of course we know, what was done suddenly, in the end never made it in time. Reserving an impromptu place is not easy for us waiters or the kitchen. Especially if the number of people is more than what we imagine. Really that preparation takes a lot of time.

Whether it’s boiling water, cooking the ordered food, and many other preparations.

The most stressful thing for us is when we deliver the order after a long period of time. We are very anxious to see what happens next after the order on our tray has landed on the table. Instead of leaving right away, we usually would bow no more than 45 degrees and say “sorry for waiting so long.”

And from there we may be insulted, yelled at, and criticized.

“Why did the order take so long to arrive?”

“I need to return home soon, Ms.”

“I’m sorry I came here.”

Our grins should stay enormous, yet chilly perspiration proceeds.

We regard them and regard our own work, so we should stay reliable and quiet. All things considered, there is a point in us being reprimanded that way, ideally we can be shockingly better later on, additionally more stronger in accepting criticism.

Also, I need to thank the guests who continued taking a gander at us without peering down on us. Get us, and state thank you despite the fact that occasionally our endeavors to convey arranges rapidly can’t be refined.

Indeed, in our state of despair,

the guests’ “thank you” was a real medicine for us.

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