Meeting a True Friend

Bella was a 18 year old girl. Her life was so sad and quiet. The day she passed quietly and noiselessly. Even so, she was sturdy and ready to face any problems.

That day with a bag on her back, Bella entered the train with her destination to Yogyakarta. All the preparations as a new college students had been prepared before. She luckily passed the entrance test and accepted into a state university in Yogyakarta, so she must to leave her hometown, Solo. For now, leave her hometown can be a little bit relief. Gone dad, angry mom, foster care, homelesness was a reason that she needs to be entertained. Even though she actually does not being appreciated for anything she got, she just know right now her life would be easier.

As well as the following days went smoothly, she carried out the assignments given by her lecturer well, occasionally getting high grades, and get a standing ovation from her classmates. But after all, she spent a fair amount of time to be alone. The situation was pretty spesific and available, but she probably lost if she does not want to participate in this campus life. But it is looks does not matter for Bella. Actually, the problem is Bella can not socialize with her new friends. Her cold and indifferent attitude was made her friends choose to stay away.

Bella herself could not deny it, when sometimes even if she joined as a group with her classmates. Until one day Bella became sad and considered to be depressed. Bella felt mystified like how could anyone looks that close. One person in her class realized that, she came and approached Bella who was currently pondering with thoughts piled up. The girl said to Bella, “Hey. I’m also the same as you. But even though I like being alone, I do not like seeing people alone. Like you. Adjusting to university life has been somewhat of an orderal.”

After heard it, Bella was shock. Bella does not believe it is true. Next thing she know, this girl gave her attention to her who she never had from anyone before. Then, the girl sitting in front of Bella and asked “Go easy on yourself. Getting through college is a huge accomplishment. But you can not pass it alone. In fact, all living things are sustainable. So, let me be your friend!”
From that short sentence, Bella being amazed by the girl. From there Bella and the girl became a good friends, even very close. Since getting to know the girl, she felt like had replaced the old Bella. The girl taught her something, that Bella’s memory just full of the past story she had. Which is why she does not want to pick anything from those places. Swear that she will become the greatest and can socialized than before.

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